What Dokonoko can do . . .

Dokonoko is an app that allows you to upload photos
of your cat or dog and view a wide world of cat and dog photos.
Let's learn more about what Dokonoko can do ...

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You can post photos your family pet.

Pet owners can make a Pet Book for any cats or dogs they share their lives with and post photos with comments.

By steadily posting photos, the Pet Book also serves as a growth ecord or as a book of memories.

Users can make multiple Pet Books.

You can post photos of cats or dogs you discover.

Users can also create Notebooks in which they can post photos or illustrations of dogs and cats that they discover on their journeys, or living in the neighborhood.

You can still participate in posting images even if you are not a pet owner.

There is a steady stream of new photos of dogs and cats.

With a wide world of users continually posting photos, simply viewing the All Posts feed provides enormous entertainment.

Users can react with hearts and comment on the photos they like.

In your local neighborhood

Users can see which of the dogs and cats are in their local neighborhood.

Maybe the cat or dog you meet on your walk each day has its own Pet Book ...

Dokonoko helps find lost cats and dogs.

Dokonoko tells users about missing pets in its local neighborhood.

"There are the following missing pets in your local area. Please be on the lookout."

Dokonoko can help out during such a worrying time.

Users can view a Timeline of their favorite furry friends.

When users follow a Pet Book of their favorite dog or cat, they can see the photos of their favorites.

Viewing their Timeline everyday allows users to feel like these cats and dogs are part of their family.

Look at books recommended by Dokonoko Staff.

There is also a place called Bookselves where Dokonoko Staff introduce their recommended books, and where users can view photos compiled by hashtags.

The Dokonoko Team plans to continue adding more useful and fun features in the future.