Dokonoko is an app for allowing people to know dogs and cats more intimately.

If you start uploading the photos you take, and add comments to them, a "book" will begin to grow inside the app.

As Dokonoko app users increase, users are able to see the lives of even more dogs and cats.

Over time, users will increase their dog and cat "acquaintances" from a wide world of users.

After all, it’s easier to feel more intimate with a cat or dog that you know than with one that you don’t know.

In our lives, we get to know a whole bunch of people.
Why not get to know a cute bunch of dogs and cats as well?

"I wonder how that cute little fur ball is going . . .?"
"Look at what my darling rascal's getting up to . . ."

"There are the following missing pets in your local area. Please be on the lookout."
Dokonoko can help out during such a worrying time.

When you make your Pet Book, you specify your location.
But you specify this by a general landmark and only the general proximity of where you live is known.

If there are people who know, or are even fond of your pet, it will surely make the search easier.

Also, when the landmark is an evacuation shelter, it pays to know its location if any disaster happens.

Kind souls may even make a Notebook for cats without homes, and with everyone helping, difficult tasks become easier.

If someone feels they know a cat or dog, they will be more willing to help.
Even others’ cats and dogs become more lovable.

When new photos of your dog or cat, appears on Dokonoko, it lets everyone know that a person is there caring for their pet.

On Dokonoko, dogs and cats get seen by lots of people.

Many avid viewers are not pet owners themselves.
Dokonoko allows them to develop the fond feelings of a pet owner.